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Application Conditions

Validity Period of the PEACEBOAT PASS

All-you-can-ride Global Voyages in a balcony cabin

With this pass, you can embark or disembark whenever, wherever you want! Allowing more flexibility to your travel plan! From the Mediterranean to the Caribbean, Scandinavia to Africa, you are free to choose whatever combination of ports of call you want to visit!

Transferable between 1st degree relatives* of the applicant

As long as the pass is valid, it is transferable to the 1st degree relatives of the applicant. By sharing the pass within the family, you can now also share the thrill of traveling around-the-world onboard Peace Boat with the people you love!

※1st degree relatives (practice in Japan) refers to applicants parents, spouse and children. 

・Validity Period
1 Year Pass:Applicable on the next 2 Global Voyages after the 1st cruise.
 2 Year Pass:Applicable on the next 5 Global Voyages after the 1st cruise.

・The validity period starts counting on the departure day of the 1st cruise.

・1st cruise option for 1 Year Pass: 108th ~ 114th
; 2 Year Pass: 108th ~ 111th ・As long as the pass is still valid, guests may use it on cruises scheduled in 2024 or beyond (e.g.117th Global Voyage) .

・PEACEBOAT PASS is only applicable on Peace Boat Global Voyages and cannot be used on short cruises.

・Guests and their luggage must disembark in between cruises if they join consecutive ones. It is also not possible for someone else to go through the custom clearance of any belongings on your behalf.

Payment and Cancellation Policy

・Payments need to be settled via official travel agencies.
  1 month after application: SGD83,400 (1 Year Pass & 2 Year Pass)
    2 months after application: Remaining payment (only for 2 Year Pass)

・Other surcharges, Port charge, Tips etc. : 3 months prior to departure

・No cancellation fee of the PEACEBOAT PASS will be charged before departure of the 1st cruise. After boarding the 1st cruise, the pass cannot be refunded.

・Guests that have purchased the pass are still required to apply for their chosen cruise. The application of the cruises is subject to Japan Grace’s cancellation policies and cancellation of the cruise will be charged accordingly.

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